The Dillinger Family home page

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Here is the homely home page for the Dillingers.
What you'll find here are mainly pictures.
Here's a nice picture of Dawn, the first picture taken with my digital camera.

Some of the thumbnails represent QuickTime video clips which can be quite large. I try to indicate those when I think about it. New stuff is at the bottom!
You'll also find some recent pictures taken around the house, an outing to Swope Park zoo. I hope to have pictures of our trip to New Orleans to visit Timmera on as soon as I can sit down and scan them. The scanner's messed up again.

A party was held at Smithville Lake for Larry and Jenny McCan on the occasion of Larry finally being free from TWA. Unfortunatly, I don't have any pictures of the 5th wheel they'll be driving here. there. and everywhere from now on.

We were at the home of Richard and Barbara Karnowski with their friends and family on Saturday, June23.


Here are some pictures of the Kyle get together at Todd and Jackie's on June 24. It was Troy and Angela's anniversay and we celebrated birthdays for Todd, Kate and Sam. It was a busy weekend.

Here are some pictures from the Parkville Independence Day fireworks and Carnival. We just stumbled onto a really good parking spot. We didn't even know there was a carnival. It was lots of fun. The last carnival we went to was last year at Santi-Cali-Gon in Independence, MO. It was at least 106 degrees and we didn't last long. No pictures.

Here are some pictures of around the house that I threw together mainly so my family in Seattle could see pictures of Annie's birthday that I took today.

Our '93 van was stolen on December 21st. This is what it looked like in the tow lot. I'll get pictures of the new van up soon. It's twice as nice as the old one, don't tell the thieves.

Here are some pictures of Molly's (age 6) birthday party, held at Pizza Street in independence on January 3rd, 2002.

Stuff for Ken is here.

Coming soon!

Our trip to Chicago and the St. Louis Zoo.

More pictures of our lovely driveway, and the breathtaking concrete wall.

Other miscellaneous events in August.